Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project - Follow Up

SKIP UP explores the predictors of key skills and well-being outcomes for children as they exit middle childhood. We examine academic skills, executive functioning, self-regulation, mindset, resilience, and school engagement.

By investigating both early and concurrent predictors, we aim to shed light on the factors that contribute to positive outcomes for children. Join us on this fascinating journey of discovery and help unlock the secrets to success in childhood!

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Understanding the Development and Drivers of Adolescents’ Educational Pathways: The Singapore Longitudinal Cohort Study (SG-LCS)

Inviting students and parents who participated in the SKIP and SKIP-Up studies for a follow-up NTU research project! The MOE-commissioned SG-LCS involves close to 7000 secondary school students across Singapore. Your participation will be invaluable in helping us understand students’ experiences and development from childhood through adolescence.

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Understanding Child Outcomes from Early to Middle Childhood

The Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project (SKIP) was initiated in 2014 with the aim of studying child development across the pre-school years. The early childhood period is a crucial time in a child’s development as it lays the foundation for later outcomes such as academic performance and well-being. What occurs when the child enters middle childhood? To provide a holistic view of child outcomes across the early and middle childhood years, a follow-up study, “SKIP-Up”, for...

Latest Publications

Bautista, A., Habib, M., Eng, A., & Bull, R.

Purposeful play during learning center time: From curriculum to practice

Journal of Curriculum Studies


Bautista, A., Habib, M., Ong, R., Eng, A., & Bull, R

Multiple representations in preschool numeracy: Teaching a lesson on more-or-less

Asia-Pacific Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education


Bautista, A., Moreno-Núñez, A., & Bull, R.

Gross motor teaching in preschool education: Where, what, and how do Singapore educators teach?

Infancia y Aprendizaje: Journal for the Study of Education and Development